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    TOEIC® Speaking & Writing


About TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Test

In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, employers need a workforce that can speak and write effectively across borders and cultures.

The global market is increasingly getting more and more competitive and employers require a workforce fluent in English, able to communicate with people from different countries and cultures. TTOEIC® Speaking & Writing is the internationally accepted evaluation that offers relevant and precise information about speaking and writing skills in English.

In order to guarantee fair and objective results, each TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Test is examined by at least three certified specialists, and it complements the TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test.

Requirements for taking the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing:

    - Book your appointment by telephone.
    - Bring 2 official IDs, original and a copy.
    - Read carefully the Examinee Handbook.

ID’s we receive as official: Voting License (INE/IFE), Passport, Professional License, or Draft Card.

IMPORTANT: The driver’s license is not considered as an official ID in Mexico.

The TOEIC® Speaking & Writing is delivered through the Internet and takes around one and a half hour. The computer used for taking the test needs to be equipped with a microphone and earphones. It is divided in two sections:

Section I: Speaking Skills

This section contains 11 questions. Test takers hear the questions through earphones and must answer orally through a microphone.

This section consists of:

    - Read texts aloud.
    - Describe images.
    - Respond to questions.
    - Propose a solution.
    - Express an opinion.

Time to complete this section is 20 minutes.

Score scale: 10–200

Section II: Writing skill

This section contains 8 questions. Test takers will read and must write down their answers.

This section consists of:

    - Write a sentence based on a picture.
    - Respond to a written request.
    - Write an opinion essay.

Time to complete this section is 60 minutes.

Score scale: 10–200

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Examinee Handbook

To all the examinees, although the Examinee Handbook states that the driver's license is one of the identifications accepted for taking the TOEIC test , we remind you that, in Mexico, it is not considered as an official identification, therefore the only ones will accept are:

    - Voting License (INE/IFE).
    - Passport.
    - Professional License.
    - Draft Card.

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Examinee Handbook (508 KB, PDF)

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing User Guide (1 MB, PDF)

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Sample Test PDF

TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Sample Test (926 KB, PDF)


- People who are preparing to enter the workforce.

- Individuals who want to measure their speaking and writing skills in English.

- People who use English in workplace settings such as offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, international meetings, conventions, and sports events.

- Managerial, sales and technical employees in international business, industry, commerce and government.
The TOEIC® Speaking & Writing tests measure the ability to communicate in the context of daily life and the global workplace. Candidates are not required to have specialized business knowledge.
There is no passing or failing score. The tests measure different levels of ability. The single, continuous scale enables test takers to set attainable goals and measure progress as skills improve.
The tests are administered on specific dates at secure Internet-based test centers. For further information contact Review Quality at
Prices vary in the different Countries and Authorized Test Centers. For information in Mexico contact Review Quality at
Scores arrive in approximately three weeks (15 business days).
A test-taker's skills can improve or decline over time. For this reason, the more recent the score, the more likely it is to be a valid indication of English-language ability. Scores will be kept on file and reported for two years.
TOEIC® Practice Online: Speaking & Writing TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Test
Where can these products be used? Wherever Internet access is available, without the presence of a test proctor. In secure specially assigned sites for taking the test.
What kind of feedback does the applicant get? A score scale with feedback on how to improve the result . Speaking and Writing test scores with proficiency levels and abilities measurements.
How are scores used? To receive feedback that helps to improve the performance. To obtain the official TOEIC® score.